Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Kids App Ever!

This week I discovered the best kids app ever called Zoodles.  It works on computers, tablets, and phones.  It locks your kids into the Zoodles app activity center so no matter what they push they can't screw up your desktop or access random websites.  You can also customize it to allow kids to play on websites or apps you approve of but again it locks that additional content into the activities center so that your kids can not navigate away from what you approve of.

You can add profiles for multiple children customizing age appropriate activities and thing they can and can't do for each child.  To log in the child just clicks/touches their picture. 

Within the activity center kids can play games, watch video clips, doodle, and send and receive video mail from family and friends that you add to your child's contact list.  Send and invite to family and friends and they can be added to your contact list and you or they can upload their picture and all you child has to do is find their picture to send them a message.  These family members can also record themselves reading any of the books in your zoodles library allowing your kids to have story time with their favorite grandparent or aunt any time!  

The free version is a great option.  I opted for the year subscription so that I could access all of the books (only about 10) and parental controls that they have available.

You should check it out! 

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