Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting in Shape!

Four days in a row of INSANITY.  Feeling good.

Short Term Goal:  100% on my fit to fight test
My current score is 87, it is the only time I've scored below a 95.  The sit ups are killing me since having twins.  To get a 100 I need to have a 29" or lower waist, done, not hard if you're only 5 ft tall.  A mile and a half run in 10:23, not too hard, only slightly faster than a 7 minute mile.  47 push ups in a minute and 54 sit ups in a minute.  I usually max out or come close to maxing out on everything but the sit ups, they are my nemesis.  It's not hard to do 60 situps.  It is hard to do 60 situps in one minute . . right after doing push ups as fast as you can . . . with some crazy dude standing over you with a clip board.

Long Term Goal:  Beat the fastest female run time at Tinker AFB
Last time I was at the testing center the fast female time for the base was like 9:30 something.  My fastest time as an adult is 9:26 about a 6 minute mile.  That's going to take some effort.  I don't even want to admit what my current run time is but I can do it if I run every day.

Distant Goal:  6 pack
Lets get real.  I love food.  I love baking.  I've never even had flat abs before, not even as a kid.  But I can usually feel some serious muscle under that layer of flubber.  So just maybe if I focus on my core and eat better I can at least get a little definition there.

Really what it comes down to is that I'm competitive and I want that top f2f score and have bragging rights.  And I'm still young and I want to feel like it.  I still have a lot of races I want to run, a lot of mountains I want to climb, and slopes I want to ski.  I need to get back in shape and stay that way now before I get old and it becomes even harder.

. . . hiking and skiing might be a little difficult in Kansas . . . 

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